AP Exams 2019

The following are dates and times for AP Exams


Wednesday, May 8th

English Lit and Composition: 8-11am

European History: 12-3:15pm

Thursday, May 9th

Chemistry: 8-11:15am

Psychology: 12-2pm

Psychology Ext. Time: 12-3pm

Friday, May 10th

US History: 8-11:15am

US History Ext. Time: 8am-12:45pm

Monday, May 13th

Biology: 8-11am

Biology Ext. Time: 8am-2pm

Physics C Mechanics: 12-1:30pm

Physics C Mechanics Ext. Time: 12-2:15pm

Tuesday, May 14th

Calculus AB: 8-11:15am

Calculus AB Ext. Time: 8am-12:45pm

AP Calculus BC: 8-11:15am

Wednesday, May 15th

English Language and Composition: 8-11:15am

English Language and Composition Ext. Time: 8am-12:45pm

Thursday, May 16th

Statistics: 12-3pm

Statistics: 12-4:30pm