What does archiving a class in Google Classroom do?

Posted by: Wesley Swenson

The homepage of Google Classroom has all your active classes. When a class term is over (or you want to start fresh), you have the option of archiving the class. If you want to archive, simple click on the triple dot of the chosen class and select Archive.


Archiving will accomplish the following:

* Move the class data from "Classes" to "Archived class"

* Allow any teacher of that class or enrolled student to continue to view material, discussions, posts, work, and grades. This does not expire unless the teacher deletes the class

* Allow any teacher of the class to access posts when reusing a post in an active class

* NOT allow any changes to grades, posts, comments, etc. If changes are desired, a teacher will need unarchive by selecting Restore in the triple dot of chosen class on the Archived classes page

Wesley Swenson