Elections are held every spring for the following year to allow for summer meetings and back-to-school planning. It consists of signatures from peers and teachers for support, speeches in front of the student body, and voting for members in all grades, not just the student's own grade. Six students are allowed per grade.


    High School Student Council represents the student body in the coordination of ideas, activities, and school spirit. We develop and run events such as 6th Grade Orientation; Fall/Spring/Winter Spirit Weeks, Lunch Games, and Pep Rallies; Homecoming Dance; Mid-Term Survival Kits; Cafeteria and Custodial Appreciation Days; "When Stags Fly" suprise days; Thanksgiving Food drive and Baskets for local families, as well as many other fundraising and charity events, such as for Special Olympics and clothing drives. Lastly, Student Council members participate in local conferences held twice a year in Worcester County, as well as a three-day state conference in Hyannis each year.


    For any questions or concerns, please either contact Kimberly Trainor or Danielle Rinker at ktrainor@bbrsd.org and drinker@bbrsd.org.