• school bus Bus information for the school year. 

    A few helpful reminders...

    1. Remember - students MUST BE MASKED to ride the bus!
    2. STUDENTS SHOULD WAIT ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET THAT THEY LIVE ON, and when the bus arrives, the students can cross with the safety of the school bus flashing lights. There is no need for students to cross any streets without the guidance/flashing of the school bus lights.
    3. This year the bus routes that are posted show estimated pick-up and drop-off times for each stop on the route. The times shown are estimates based on automated routing software, and actual times may differ from what is shown. 
    4. There is no fee for the bus service, these costs are included and absorbed in each school’s budget, to encourage participation, and to minimize traffic at the schools due to individual drop-offs and pick-ups.