• Dear Tahanto student

    Welcome to the Tahanto Library!


    It’s my goal to provide you with a comfortable place in which to read, study, learn and socialize.


    Did you know that there are over 11,000 books for you to enjoy? Whether you're here for research, or for a free, relaxing read, I've got something for you. A new shipment of books comes in monthly, so be sure to check out the “new ” HS and MS book shelves regularly! And, if that’s not enough, there are popular magazines to browse, and over 500 e-books for you to read, anytime, anywhere you have internet access. Don’t forget about the specialized databases, either!; from biographies to controversial "hot" current issues, the library's got you covered!


    The library consists of a main library with 3 computer workstations, the virtual classroom annex which has 4 computer workstations, a library lab with 23 computer workstations, and a conference room. There are study carrels available for quiet study, as well as round tables for group work. There are two printers for your use, one is black and white, and one prints in color. I can also scan documents for you, too.


    There is a cart of Dell laptops for your use, ChromeBooks and iPad carts for your classroom teacher to sign out. Books are normally checked out for a two-week period, but there’s lots of flexibility if you are doing some extensive research.


    There's an area stocked with supplies to help you keep your assignments organized; staplers, rulers, scissors, gluesticks, graph paper, markers, stencils, posterboard, construction paper, etc. are all available.


    Don’t remember how to use the OPAC? No worries. I'll give you a refresher.
    Don’t remember the lay of the library land? 
    I promise to orient you and help you find the book you need, wherever it’s located.


    Just like at Barnes & Noble, there's an adjoining café that is often operated by
    various student groups for fundraising purposes.

    You may eat in the library and cafe areas, but please, not at the computer workstations.


    The golden rule: just be thoughtful and considerate of others using the library, ok?


    In closing, I hope that you enjoy exploring your library and its many resources. 

    stag Check it out! Everything you need is in your library! 




    Dr. Verge
    (formerly Ms. Maresca)