Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in History and French with a Minor In Asian Studies Masters in Teaching

Mrs. Rinker

Welcome to Mrs. Rinker's Class!!!


Important notes regarding the Coronavirus Closure:

♦ All assignments and instructions for the day will be posted in Google Classroom by 8:00am.

♦ My office hours each day will be Monday- Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm.  You can certainly reach out at other times but I will respond more readily during those hours.

♦ For some classes I may try to use Google Hangouts as a means to give more direct instruction.  If so, the time of the virtual class will be posted in Google Classroom no later than 7:00pm the night before so that students can plan accordingly.  

♦Instructions on how to access Google Classroom as a parent can be found on the Website portion of this site. 

♦Lastly, I wish everyone the best as we work through this unprecedented event.  Patience and kindness will be key, let's all try to remember to show that to one another.  



About Myself:

 -I grew up in Washington (the state not D.C.)

 -I have taught at almost every age level, even pre-school.

 -I completed by undergraduate and graduate degrees at Clark University in Worcester.

 -I love to travel, try new foods, and be in the outdoors with my dog.


Teaching Philosophy:

     Learning in the 21st Century: With the wealth of information and opinion readily available in todays world, students are presented with a challenge unique to their generation: what is real? what is the truth? and how do I know?   As a teacher, I believe it is my roll to guide students in being able to assess and critique the information around them so that they are better able to meet that challenge.  History is an ideal place to grapple with those skills with the goal of coming to a better understanding of the world we live in.

     Learning in the classroom: I believe the classroom should be a dynamic space where students have opportunities to interact with the materials and each other in order to build their understanding.   In line with this and as a means to give all learning types an opportunity to demonstrate understanding, I aim to provide a wide range of assessments, from large scale research projects and traditional tests to artistic or theatrical interpretations of history.