• Tahanto Lunch Program Information


    The cost for lunch is $3.25. In order to ensure our students spend less time in line, and more time with their friends, we have stopped handling cash in the lunch line. Payment is handled one of four ways:

    1. Pre-payment on-line thruough the My School Bucks program. Payments through this system allows you to see your balance, your child's purchases, and will send you low balance alerts. You can register for this program by setting up an account at www.myschoolbucks.com. You can find a fuller description of that program here.
    2. Pre-payments can also be made for students through the Unibank program which you can find by clicking here. This program has no user fees, but also does not offer the features found in the My School Bucks application.
    3. Pre-payment by check – payments can continue to be made by check, payable to Tahanto Cafeteria, and presented at the register.
    4. Payment by cash – If you absolutely, positively have to send cash your child should pay at the register. Please try to limit the frequency of paying with cash.