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Mrs. Jane Mutti


I am one of the Spanish teachers at Tahanto. In 1992, my family and I moved to Venezuela to work with indigenous people groups in the Amazon. Our first year in Venezuela was dedicated to learning Spanish. I was able to learn Spanish well enough, that I was asked to continue working at the language school, teaching Spanish language and culture to English speakers that were newly arriving in Venezuela. It was a rewarding experience and one that gave me the desire to continue teaching when we returned to the United States in 2006. Besides teaching Spanish, we also lived and worked among the Maiquiritare, or Ye'kuana Indians, a people group living in a remote community on a tributary of the Orinoco River. Our experience among the Maiquiritare was cut short when the then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, began to be antagonistic towards Americans living and working in the country. Essentially, our work in Venezuela came to a close and we returned to the United States to begin the next phase of our lives.

I knew when we returned that I wanted to continue teaching Spanish. How very fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to live and work in our community. It has been a privelege and pleasure to be able to pass on my love and enthusiasm for Spanish with the students of Tahanto.

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