• Q: What time does Early Release begin?  

      A: 11:45


    • Q: Where do I find out about upcoming school events? A: The school calendar  is regularly updated and additional information can always be found in our electronic folder. 
    • Q: How do I put money on my child’s lunch account?  

      A: Click here! or - send in a check payable to BES (we encourage everyone to send it in an envelope labeled "lunch" with the child's name and classroom teacher written legibly on it) 


    • Q: My child will be absent today.  How do I notify the school?

      A: If your child will not be at school, please update the School Dismissal Manager before 9:00 am.  


    • Q: What time does the tardy bell ring?

      A: 8:33


    • Q: What time does dismissal start?

      A: 2:55


    • Q: Can I bring some forgotten items to my child’s classroom?  

      A: This practice is discouraged as it can be disruptive to the learning environment.  The office will do it’s best to get delivered items to students in as least disruptive a manner as possible but cannot guarantee the timeliness of deliveries.


    • Q: How do I change my child’s dismissal plan?  

      A: If your child will not be following their normal dismissal routine, please update your child's School Dismissal Manager before 1:45 PM.  If you need to change dismissal after that time, please call the office after 1:45 PM.  Calls received after 2:15 will only be honored in an emergency.  Please, do not email the teacher or the office of any dismissal change for that day as these may go unnoticed until after dismissal.