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Mrs. Jannel Fitzpatrick, Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Phone: 508-869-2837 x1106


The Pupil Services department's primary goal is to improve the performance of students with disabilities and English Language Learners. Our mission is to  narrow the achievement gap by ensuring equal access to the curriculum and differentiated instruction in the least restrictive environment (LRE). 

We strive to have every child to leave school each day feeling successful and connected to their community. Our Special Education staff is committed to providing specialized academic and behavioral instruction and services to students with disabilities in order to engage them in high quality instruction that challenges and prepares them to be well-rounded, active citizens.  The design of quality and individualized programming for students must be a team effort, achieved only through positive collaboration with parents, with continuous assessment, discussion, revision, and re-assessment.

The Berlin-Boylston Schools have strong Special Education and English as a Second Language staff, and highly educated general education teachers to partner with. We are also fortunate to have a committed group of parents running the SEPAC organization, which brings informational programs to the schools and provides a yearly scholarship for a deserving senior. 

  Special Education

“The role of special education should be to minimize the impact of the disability and maximize the opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in general education in their natural community.” 

Professor Thomas Hehir, Harvard University