Exercise Regularly
  • Chores and support of Self Regulation

    Article discussing chores that may be considered at home that support access to intense sensory input (heavy work, movement input and deep pressure) that has proven to support attention, coordination and overall self-regulation and emotional regulation.  Consider scheduling a chore before a work time or prior to homework as this may make it easier for students to sit, focus and complete the work more efficiently.  

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  • Gray Matter: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

    This is an interesting article, written by Victoria Dunckley, MD summarizing some recent research of the effects of long-term and continuous screen time on the developing brain.  She references issues with self-regulation which I felt important with regard to the overall implications of sensory processing and sensory regulation.  

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  • Sensory Processing Meltdowns Article

    Article written by Kim Jacobs from Star Institute describing the impact and resulting behavioral meltdown as a result of sensory overload vs. a behavioral tantrum.

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  • 10 Tips for Self Regulation

    An article retrieved from: 


    which discusses 10 ways to help promote self regulation in children.

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  • Holiday Gatherings

    Article retrieved from http://special-ism.com/holiday-gatherings-sensory-kids/?utm_source=Weekly+12-2-16&utm_campaign=Weekly+12-2-16&utm_medium=email.  Provides strategies to support those with sensory challenges with managing holiday gatherings.

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