• Welcome to the High School Special Education corner. Here, we hope to provide a one-stop for helpful information and tools to help students succeed in high school and beyond.  Ultimately, a student's education and life are their own responsibility. Our goal is to create an online meeting place where students can check-in, and where parents can get guidance in how to support their child in their personal pursuits. 

    Check back in at least weekly for calendar updates for upcoming events and deadlines, to become aware of classroom activities in the academic support and TLC classrooms, and obtain resouces that are key to transition skills. 

    Check the discussion forum at the bottom of the page and feel free to ask questions, or provide helpful tips to other parents and to us!

     Here is a link to the ever useful homework tracker Homework Tracker (please keep in mind that we update this as we are able, but it is still ultimately the student's responsibility to write and track their own homework). 

    Below is some information about a local sports opportunity for students with disabilities




Mr. Hager's Room

  • 8/27

    Hello, and Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year! 

     For those who have had academic support before, our grading system has changed. Students now have a set goal of points to be earned for a given week. Students earn points through making the best use of their time in academic support class. Points can be deducted for poor use of academic support class time and transgression of rules. Syllabuses have been sent home, and are due back Tuesday, after Labor Day. 

    If you have any questions or concerns as the school year settles into place, please reach out to me so we can be sure to get the year off to a positive start.  

    ~Mr. Hager


    For those who have me as their liaison, students will go home with a letter from me the week of 9/4, where I request you to return a slip with preferred contact information. 

Mrs. Derderian's Room

  • Welcome Back to TAHANTO for a great start to our School Year 2019-2020. 

    Our emphasis this year is on developing greater responsibility in our Special Education students as they approach their academics, self-advocacy, executive functioning, and self-determination skills with greater personal responsibilities. We are hoping we can all raise our expectations so that we can assist our students as they acquire the independence they will need to be successful in post-secondary experiences.

    My philosophy is it is better to try to test them while they are in environments where we are available to support as needed. It is my hope that by expecting great progress and independence while in high school, our students will be ready for greater challenges in post-secondary experiences.

    In the beginning, these actions will be noticeable in Class overviews and expectations.  Specifically, you will note that greater expectations are being placed on students within our Academic Support classes- See course overview Academic Support under my Website. A new grading system is being developed to be shared as students settle into classes.

    Additional materials and information will be shared throughout the year on a variety of subjects pertaining to:



    Interest and Skill Inventories

    Students' responsibilities

    Responsibilities of families 

    Post-secondary experiences

    Technology skills students require

    Transitions to High School 

                   to College

                   to the Workforce


    Please keep checking back for new and exciting articles and information.

    Please feel free to contact me @ kderderian@bbrsd.org if there are additional subjects you would like information on.


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