• Overview

    History affords a unique opportunity not only to practice skills of analysis, research, and evaluating sources, but also to apply our understandings to the world around us.  In the words of Faulkner, “the past is never dead”  and it is my aim as your child’s teacher to help him or her make those connections.


    Stay in the know...

    To find out what we are doing in class, homeworks assignments, and to access documents such as study guides simply log into our Google Classroom.

    Simple how-to for logging in:

    1. Log in to your child's email.
    2.  In the upper right corner you will see this icon: Google Apps
    3. Click on the icon and choose Classroom from the menu.  That icon looks like this: Classroom Icon
    4. Once in the Classroom Application you may notice that your child is enrolled in multiple Google Classrooms.  Make sure to choose the correct classroom for the course in which your child is enrolled.  




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