Amy Gaucher - GRADE 1

Kindness counts...

              WEEKLY     SPECIALS:

     COMPUTER SCIENCE  Ms. Tamalavitch

     MUSIC (Ms. Thompson)

     LIBRARY  (Mrs. Sullivan) Remember to return library books!

    GYM  (Mrs. Bowen) Sneakers only please!

    ART  (Mrs. Kuppens) 



  • Math


    Envisions Math - First Grade Topics

    Understand Addion and Subtraction 

    Fluently Add and Subtract Within 10

    Addtion Facts to 20: Use Strategies

    Subtraction Facts to 20: Use Strategies

    Work with Addition and Subtraction Equations

    Represent and Interpret Data

    Extend the Counting Sequence

    Understand Place Value

    Compare Two-Digit Numbers

    Use Models and Strategies to Add Tens and Ones

    Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens and Ones

    Measure Lengths

    Time and Money

    Shapes and Their Attributes

     Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles


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  • Grade 1 Science and Social Studies Topics

    Science Topics

    • Earth and Space Science: Observations of the sun, moon and stars. Learn about seasonal patterns.
    • Life Science: Investigations will include learning about the needs of plants and animals, their parts and inheritance
    • Physical Science: Sound and Light
    • Technology/ Engineering: We’ll ask questions, make observations, and gather information about how to improve an object or tool


    Social Studies Topics

    • Learn about symbols, landmarks and celebrations of our country. Learn about the traditions and customs of others.
    • Use maps to learn about  our state, the United States, the seven continents and the four oceans.
    • Demonstrate the elements of rule making, decision making, repect and rights of others
    • Compare and contrast life in the past and the present
    • Basic economic concepts (money, needs and wants, goods and services)
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  • Scholastic parent letter

    Class Code - PD92Q 

    If you want to place an order you can complete the order form on the flyer that was distributed or you can order online using the class code PD92Q.  Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!

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  • High frequency word list: Review and Unit 1

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