Liz Gustavson

  • Please go to Google classroom for my class content.


    I will be posting assignments to our individual Google Classroom pages.  Please feel free to use the "comment" section to share your thoughts and ideas with the class, or to email me directly if you prefer a less public discourse.

    These are strange and difficult times.  Please let me know if you are struggling with anything, whether associated with our classes or with how to manage during this time.

    Best wishes for staying safe and healthy.

    Mrs. Gustavson


    For AP Psychology, cycle 3:   Go to our Google Classroom for 2020-2021; use  d6anysm to join. 


    For Human Behavior, cycle 1, 2020-2021 : Go to our Google Classroom; use g5vszli as the code to join 


    For Honors Psychology, cycle 4, 2020-2021:  go to our Google Classroom; use b7j6rb7  to join. 


    For English as a Second Language, cycle 2: Go to our Google Classroom; use hzggng4 as the code to join. 


    For ESL, cycle 6: Go to our Google Classroom; use vwyghal as the code to join