Lisa Sequeira

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    AP Biology (cycle 2) 

    Honors Biology ( cycle 3)

    Honors Biology (cycle 5)

    Biology B  (cycle 6)  

    Biology  A (cycle 7) 


     In preparation for this year, I am making special note of things we need for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Come to class DAILY WITH:

    • a POSITIVE ATTITUDE .....we are going to be working as a TEAM!
    • your DEVICE AND CHARGER should come with you EVERYDAY - there are no extra devices in classrooms.
    • Earbuds and or a headset for your device
    • Notebook or Binder with Paper (whichever you prefer- but BINDERS do allow you to keep handouts safely organized)
    • Pen/pencil to write with
    • To make things easier... (but not required) 
      • colored pencils
      • scissors
      • glue stick




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