Mrs. Jessica Cooper-Barry

Third Grade
  • The Subject areas covered in Third Grade are:

    Reading: Reading Wonders-This program begins with an essential question for the week. Each week, the children learn about Genre, Comprehension skills and strategies, grammar, and spelling. We have two reading books; one that introduces all of these skills and an anthology that includes literature that contains these skills. I work with students in small groups on leveled readers to apply the skills and strategies we are working on each week. During the week, the children also work on Daily Three activities that include response to reading in writing, word work, and reading alone or with someone. New spelling words are introduced on Mondays, practiced each day and tested by list and in dictation on Fridays. 

    Writing: Empowering Writers-This year, your child will work on two major types of writing. Narrative stories will include characters, setting, and plots that include beginning with a bang, the main event, conclusion, and an extended ending. Expository writing will be introduced and developed throughout the year using true facts focused on one main idea. Specific details will be  included under headings, and a conclusion that wraps up their topic. Our first expository piece is being created right now about castles! Students will also be introduced to writing opinion and persuasive pieces. 

    Math: Envisions Math-Each Topic in this program includes a daily introduction on the smart board followed by guided practice. The children then have the opportunity work independently or have extra help in a small group. During the week, the children have an opportunity to show what they know using words, numbers, and pictures. Students will also take part in Number Talks, this allows for discussions around the different ways students solve problems. 

    Science: This year our class will be using the new National Geographic Science Program!  Topics covered are Environments and Living Things, Weather and Climate, Forces and Motion, Life Cycles and Traits, and the STEM unit on Environmental Engineering (Oil Spills).  

    Social Studies: Massachusetts Studies covers a wide variety of topics ranging from Maps to the development of our state starting with the Wampanogs in the 1600's. 

     Homework: Recommended time for nightly practice is 30 minutes. Each evening students are asked to work on reading, spelling, and math. Daily flash card practice is strongly encouraged.