Our First Grade Class

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    Language Arts

    Our core reading program is Wonders. The key components are oral language, word work, which includes high frequency words and spelling patterns, vocabulary, shared reading, fluency, comprehension, close reading and grammar. We also do Interactive Read Alouds.  This program develops comprehension strategies, vocabulary and an understanding of story elements, literary elements and genre. This month we are implementing Daily 5 which will teach and reinforce strategies for students to become strong, independent readers and writers. Daily 5 teaches the children how to read, write, and work more independently for sustained periods of time.  Daily 5 happens when I am working with the small reading strategy groups. 

    For writing, we will be implementing the Empowering Writers program. We will also be doing Writers’ Workshop.  



    Coming attractions this year in math are adding and subtracting, five and ten relationships, counting and number patterns, tens and ones, comparing numbers to 100, adding and subtracting tens and ones, telling time, geometry, fractions and shapes and using data to answer questions.



    Topics covered in science this year are space, seasonal changes, animals, plants, sound, light, and engineering through designing a tool.


    Social Studies

    We will talk about communities, leaders and elections. We will study maps and map features. We will discuss the unity and diversity of the United States. We will learn about major historical events, figures, and symbols related to the United States and its national holidays and why they are important. We will look at resources and goods and services.