• One of the key features of PBIS is clearly defining rules and expectations for all students in every school setting.  The Berlin Memorial School’s expectations are summarized in the three short rules that we expect everyone in the Berlin Memorial Community to abide by SOAR:

    • Safe
    • Organized
    • Achieve
    • Respect

    It is our goal to make the Berlin Memorial School expectations as clear and specific as possible.  What you will find on the matrix is what you would expect to see happening in every physical setting at Berlin Memorial Elementary School.  Since the system is set up to promote a positive environment, you will find that it is written to advise children on what it looks like to be safe, organized, achieve, and respect at Berlin Memorial Elementary School.  The expectations tell students what to do, not what not to do.  Our staff will continuously help our students understand and learn the behavioral expectations we have in place.  We will explicitly teach, model, and practice the behavioral expectations in order to ensure our students are able to apply them in every setting.

    Please review the matrix (found on the last page) with your child.  It would be wonderful if you could post the matrix in a visible place in your home, as well.  This will serve as a continuous reminder for your children and promote the consistency that is essential to their success.