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COVID-19 At-Home Learning Activities

Hello There,

Well, these sure are crazy times!  I'm so grateful to our school administration for taking the necessary precautions to protect our community.  Nothing is more important than people's health!  It's my understanding that we can "flatten the curve" by intervening immediately (start now) and aggressively (no social interactions).  My office hours are 9 - 11, but please feel free to reach out at anytime. or 508.962.9214.  I will be monitoring my email several times a day.  

Here are some overall suggested activities that I'll be doing with my own kiddos:

explore nature

read in tents with flashlights

research a chosen topic, write about it and present to the family

Mystery Doug


long walks and exploring nature

write letters to family and friends

have hopping, jumping, crabwalk and backwards races

investiage bugs and animals in our yard

write and illustrate stories

watch handwashing videos on YouTube (The Holderness Parody and others) and have a debate on what information in good, helpful and funny about each

organize parts of the house

make your own board game


write a story together


Pinterst science experiements (or anything really)

illustrate self-portraits

write out directions on how to get from one place to another

podcasts - Story Pirates and Smash Boom Best

card games

old activity books

research planets


In this Google Drive Folder you will find some specific reading and writing related activities (that I'll also be doing with my own kiddos):

 I'll also be updating the Google Drive folder periodically.  Enjoy this time with family!