Building Technology Knowledge and Skills

  • If your student (or you!) needs to improve their skill in using digital technology, try one of these skill-building websites. Most are fun and all are fantastic!


    Just so you know, Berlin-Boylston Regional School District is a Google school, meaning we mainly use Google apps for education in the classroom. The sites below can help your student (or you) better understand how to get the most out of the Google apps we use. 

Keyboarding & Mouse Practice

  • is an especially good resource for practing homerow keying. logo

  offers several good homerow keying games. 


    learning games for kids logo

    has games that appeal to older kids and offers great homerow keying practice. 

    free typing games


    Typing Club is a FREE learn-to-type program that does a great job moving students from beginners to experts. What it lacks in pizzaz it makes up for in effectiveness. No sign up required, but the program will track your progress if you do create an account. 


    Typing Club

  is a great site for younger kids or anyone who needs to practice mousing skills. 

    mouse practice

   offers many keying and mousing games. Simply select the appropriate grade level. Keyboarding and mouse games are in the purple Skills section. 


Google Apps for Education

  •  Although it's geared toward teachers, this free online training is also great for parents.


     Training on Google Apps for Ed


    This video is a little long (28 minutes) but provides a great start for Google app beginners. 

    video: Google apps for beginners


    Another site geared toward teachers but useful for anyone, Teachers.Tech has loads of how-to videos that cover almost every Google app. Explore!

    youtube channel: Teachers.Tech


Other Great Resources

  • Kodable teaches kids as young as kindergarten the basics of computer programming. To play online, contact your student's tech teacher for the class code or download the iPad app for free and play as a guest. 

    Kodable programming game.


    Scratch Jr. is another great game that teaches kids the fundamentals of coding. Download the game from Google Chrome or Amazon for PC (laptop or desktop computer), Google Playstore for Android phones and tablets, the Apple store for iPads

    Scratch Jr Coding Game


    We don't always use Google products at school. If your student (or you) is looking for help with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or another Office product, try the Microsoft Training Center. 

    Microsoft Office Training