• Welcome to Mrs. Fletcher's Webpage! During these days of At Home Learning, I have listed the core curriculum areas and topics/skills we will be covering for the next two weeks. 



    Wonders (this is our core reading program, which will also be supplimented with other activities, books, etc.) Each week I will send students the Learning Mat and attach vocabulary and spelling activities. I will also assign weekly reading and pose a question or two for response. I will meet with small groups during the week to discuss the stories. Specific skills will be covered each week.

    Unit 4 Our Life, Our World

    April 6 - Around the World 

    Essential Question - How are kids around the world different?

    Genre - Realistic Fiction

    Comprehension Skill and Strategy - Plot: Compare and Contrast and Visualize

    Stories - Happy New Year, Dear Primo and leveled readers

    Spelling - words that have or, ore, oar, ar sounds


    April 13 - Stories About Nature

    Essential Question - How can we understand nature?

    Genre - Folktale/Drama

    Comprehension Skill and Strategy - Theme and Visualize

    Stories - Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky, How the Beetle Got His Colors and leveled readers

    Spelling - word that have eer,ere, ear sounds 

    Writing - some weeks there will be a writing assignment related to the topic in reading. Students may also choose a writing prompt from the April calendar. As we move forward, I will be posting writing lessons from our writing program - Being a Writer. Our next unit in Being a Writer is Poems and Words.

    Math -

    Topic 9 Place Value up to 1,000

                 Writing numbers up to 1,000

                 Finding missing numbers on a 100s chart up to 1,000

                 Comparing numbers

                 Writing numbers in different ways - standard form (867), expanded form (800+60+7), number                 form (eight hundred, sixty seven)


    Social Studies - Immigration and traditions. Each students has been assigned a country to research. There is a lot of information about the countries on the National Geographic page. While at home, students can continue to research their country. I will send home the country research packet next week so students can continue to work on it. This week, students can create a flag of the country they are researching.


    Science - We just completed our unit on Matter and will be moving onto the next unit What Plants Need to Grow and Survive. Perfect activity for the spring!  I will be posting activities related to this unit next week.