Mrs. Martin-Girard

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    Caring School Community

    Our social-emotional curriculum is called "Caring School Community."  This a research based program that builds classroom and schoolwide community.  There are specific lessons and activities that integrate community building efforts across the school day and throughout the school year.  There is also a Homeside component to this program.  Part of the homework from time to time this year will be to do one of these

    activities with your child. There are four basic components to this program:  class meetings, cross-age buddies, homeside activities and schoolwide community building activities.

    Mystery Reader

    SHHH....Mystery Reader is a wonderful opportunity for you to come into our class and read a story.  The fun part is is that you give us three clues about yourself.  Each day I will reveal another clue.  It's so much fun guessing who we think it is.  Please contact me to sign up.  I will send a form for you to fill out.  Also, you need an update CORI.

    Lunch Money

    One option is to pay by check or on line weekly or monthly.  If your child brings in money daily please have it placed in an envelope or baggie labeled.  The money is brought down to the cafeteria first thing in the morning.   Having it labled causes less confusion as to whose money it is.


    I truly enjoy having volunteers help in the classroom.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer and I can make sure you get on the schedule.  Thank you so much for volunteering!!