Frequently Asked Questions

    Why regionalize?

    First and foremost, the school committee has been exploring the idea of regionalization to improve educational opportunities for the students of Berlin and Boylston. It is important that our staff and administration are able to be work with staff and students as instructional leaders and to continue to build a strong school system. Shared professional development and resources will help us make sure all of our students have consistent learning opportunities in both communities.  

    Will regionalization make my taxes go up?

    The committee was able to explore and recommend an innovative funding formula with the support of the state, which should have minimal budgetary impacts on the towns. Financial projections show that the towns will have access to more regional transportation funding, but may lose some smaller grants such as the rural schools grant. In addition, some items, such as retirement would come out of the town’s budget and be put in the school budget. However, our projections show only minimal changes to each town’s budget. We also anticipate more flexibility and shared resources will help the districts manage unexpected expenses more easily.

    For more information on the financial projections, please go to: (link to )


    What will happen with the teachers’ contracts?

    In the past, the school committees and Superintendent spent considerable time negotiating and implementing three separate contracts. If we regionalize, the three teachers unions would then come together to negotiate a new contract for the whole district.


    Will Boylston also be a member of Assabet Vocational school?

    No, Boylston did not choose to be a member in the beginning so the structure will remain as it is -- Berlin will be a member and Boylston will not.


    Will we keep the structure of our elementary schools as they are currently?

    Specific language prohibiting changes in the elementary schools without town vote to amend agreement is included in the Regionalization amendment. However, specialized programs could be shared by the elementary schools.